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Erasmus+ "Empathy Towards Bullying" Projesi

2018-2020 Erasmus+ Program‎ Okullar arası Değiş‏im Ortakl‎ıklar‎ı KA229 faaliyeti kapsam‎nda İngiltere koordinatörlüğünde KA229-047990-5 numaral‎ı  ´Empathy Towards Bullying´ başlıklı projeye İnönü Ortaokulu olarak ortak olduk. 


 The well-being of every young person is a paramount importance. Every learner has the right to a high quality learning experience at school, free from harm, neglect and a . All staff have a duty of care and a responsibility for the Safeguarding of pupils. Students need to be confident of the numerous ways to report and tackle bullying.This project will be focusing on ways to identify and tackle bullying within our schools. Impact- Schools will have an affective policy that ensures our pupils are able to learn in a safe, supportive and caring environment without fear of being bullied. Bullying is an anti social behaviour and teachers and pupils will know the clear expectations of how to behave in appropriate and socially

acceptable ways towards each other.

The children will be able to identify the different forms of bullying including physical, verbal and cyber.

They will understand the impact that bullying can have on the well-being of others and impact on long term life chances.

The twinspace will be used as out our main source of sharing information and for disemmenation.

However the children will also use cross curricular activities within their own school and collaboration is paramount.

The project will have a large audience with nearly 300 teachers and 4000 children in our schools alone, in addition to all the community members and partner schools within our own regions.

Aims for the Children

to positively stand up to bullying

-to develop a positive self and to recognise and manage the signs of bullying

-to share strategies to prevent and deal with bullying among the European countries

-to educate about cyber bullying and ways to stay safe on line.

-to avoid school phobia by learning how to stop and prevent bullying behaviors,

-to feel safe and secure within the school environment

-to reduce persistent absence, school refusals and encouragement to further education.

-to develop the skills of creative thinking , problem solving and building cause and effect

- to ensure students leave school as confident and fair members of the community.

- to raise pupil self esteem and develop empathy for others

-to respects each others culture despite their ethnicity, gender, religion, language, abilities or any

other status, whatever they think or say, whatever their family

-to know the rights of the child (Convention of Child´s Rights)

-to contribute development of emotional and social intelligence of our students,

-to gain positive and efficient communication skills and also,to achieve prospective life long-term learning through positive communication with students,parents and daily life,

-to strengthen foreign language competence,

-to gain the spirit of entrepreneurship to orient the developing World,

Overall goals of our Project for teachers ;

-to experience the education policies they follow in the face of bullying prevention and bullying

behavior with a chance to closely follow the methods and techniques with our partners,

-to be aware of bullying and ways to educate our pupils in order to prevent

- to have strategies to prevent and manage with empathy

-to develop their foreign language and raise the consciousness of the European Union citizenship without disriminating among religion,race,sex and language,

-to be a leader and role model,

-to support participant teachers with the innovative, modern and sustainable education and training methods.

Overall goals of our Project for our schools and communities;

-to improve institutional capacity and international dimension by entrepreneurship,

-to contribute sustainable development and economic growth,

-provide a constructive vision to the institution in social and educational activities.

Activities for the children will include ongoing workshops about bullying, including cause and effect, how to stop it, what it looks like.

There will be ongoing competetions between the schools including Logo, dance, sport and music.

The children will work collaboratively on a range of topics including sharing experiences of bullying, how this makes them feel and also cultural experiences. The children will be using the twinspace and

blogs to share their work.

Activities for the teachers will include workshops on identifying and tackling bullying, They will have training about mental health, social and emotional programes, work with other pastoral teachers and counsellors. Teachers will also share their experiences and work together to create an anti-bullying


End products will include an album od songs about bullying, travel guides, cartoons, videos and posters.

Ongoing Disemmenation activities, this will include newspaper articles, local radio and TV, through workshops with other local and national schools, ambassador work and Erasmus events with the local community. We will also include local business.

All work will be presented on the twinspace, on our websites, facebook, twitter and other platforms used in our school..


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